Garn Studio Baby Ull

Does anyone have a source for Garn Studio Baby Ull? I've got a sweater nearly done, but need one additional skein. Unfortunately I threw out the label, and the color card on Garn Studio's website is wrong. I can say it's a deep red (not burgundy, definitely red). Don't care what dye lot it is as long as I can get the color. Any help anyone can provide would be most appreciated.


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Hey Don,
Have you searched for Baby Ull from Dale of Norway?
Check out Halcyon Yarn or WEBSto see if any of the colors look like a match. Dale of Norway should be interchangable with Garnstudio Baby Ull and is superwash, as well. I suspect they're the same yarn, but I haven't been able to confirm that.

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Actually the Dale of Norway colors are pretty different, but I went and ordered the color card from Halcyon, so hopefully that will take care of it. Thanks for the help

Go to:

Look at #21. That might be your color. OR:

Go to:

Look at Color #: 3718 Is that it?

~Mike in Tampa
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The shop that I normally go to ordered 21 for me, and it came in as a sort of pink. But because of your help, I went ahead and ordered the color card just to make sure that I get the right color. Hopefully this will work. Thanks!