Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been knitting for about 20 years, mostly sweaters, and getting rather bored. I mean, how many sweaters can one have? This site inspired me to get creative. This fall, I made scarves for eight friends, each with different patterns and yarns, and another sweater. A picture of the sweater is attached. It was made with Classic Elite Egyptian Cotton. The color is parchment. The pattern is from an old Phildar book. I'm now working on my first top-down, seamless sweater. It's going well.


Bob, that's just beautiful. Welcome to the group. You do beautiful work. Really stunning.

Alles Beste,
~Mike in Tampa
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Welcome Bob. That sweater is wonderful. Can't wait to see your other work.


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Welcome - and nice toknow the site has inspired someone to branch out into new facets of the craft.

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Umm--- I still can't see the sweater! Where are you guys seeing it???