Granny's Fun Fur Stole

I think I've finally figured out this posting pics thing - so here's a pic of the FunFur project that I've dupped The Nightmare Before Christmas on Granny, who told me that her smile was for all "your knitting men friends." There's a blog entry earlier on about the horrors of knitting with FunFur if you want details.


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The Granny's shawl looks GREAT . . good work! And, I'm sure she will enjoy it a great deal, especially since you made it.


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Well, I just dunno --- I STILL can't see the pics that are being posted! Why not??


Go into your account by clicking on My Account in on the left side of the screen. Then select edit. Go about halfway down and see if you have chameleon checked. This is the 'skin' preference area. You have a choice of 2: multiplex (I think) and chameleon. If you have Multiplx checked, you can't see pictures. At least not all of them.

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Looks like a lot of work went into it - but if Granny likes it, well worth the effort, yes?

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Well, how cute is she????

Beautifully elegant.

~Mike in Tampa
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