Stitches West 2007

Has anyone ever attended one of the Stitches events marketed by Knitters Magazine? They are held a few times during the year in various locations across the country.

Stitches West is being held in Santa Clara, California February 23-25. Information is located at

Thanks for any information!



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Hey Rex,
I've gone to the Stitches market the last couple of years with a group of guys from San Francisco. It's easy to spend a day shopping as there is a lot to see! I recommend it!

I've never taken any classes at Stitches. There are always a few that sound very interesting, but the price is more than I'm willing to pay and they're usually sold out well before I ever make it to the website. I think they should offer more of the popular classes and reduce their price. Until then, I'll go for the shopping and look for local classes.

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I am thinking of going to the event this year (I am in LA) - :)



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A couple of the ladies from the Buffalo Knitting Guild have gone to Stitches East. They have enjoyed it a great deal, but all agree the classes are pretty pricey. Stitches also sells out pretty far in advance. You basically need to register when the information is released, so there may not be available classes.

I basically used the Stitches event catalog to get ideas for guild programs and look for possible instructors to bring. In May we are have a 4 session Weekend Seminar with Maureen Mason-Jamison from Toronto. Her classes were sold out at both Stitches East and Stitches Mid-West.

Just went and checked the class schedule on the web site (the idea just hit me as I was about to post this). Over 3/4 of the classes are sold out. And as John did say, their class prices are pretty high, $85 for a 3 hour class.

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I went to Stitches East in Baltimore this last year - had never been before. I found out about it on the last day of the event, so no classes for me.

I agree they're sort of pricey, but if you want to sit at the feet of a couple of master teachers, it would be worth the reg fee IMHO.

It was almost overwhelming to see so many yarns - some rare fibers like bison and quiviot...Bring more money than you think you'll need. Your stash will thank you.



I'll stop after this row. Honest.

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I've not gone to Stitches, but I have gone to the Maryland Wool and Sheep Show and the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. Both shows are absolutely incredible and it is good to support local vendors/farmers who are selling their wares.

I was working most of the time at the Carolina Home Spun booth, but ventured out to the vendors. I think at these shows you will find unique things that are not readily available at your local yarn shop. I just like the politics associated with buying more direct from the artist/farmer too.

If you go to my friend Morgaine's website you can see the number of shows that are out there as she travels the circuit. Mostly on the west coast since her catalogue store is based in the Bay area.



You will have a BLAST! You've never seen so many Goat People in your life. I went to the Stitches East in Philly just after 9/11. Didn't take any classes 'cause it was a last minute deal but I spent all day "touching things" & Buying things & drooling over things & playing with things like $2,400.00 spinning wheels and other weird gadgets. I swear it is the Fibreholic's version of "The Supermarket in Old Peking" Streisand sang about. (Oh, dear: I think I just dated myself . . .)

Anyway, I think it's like 10 clams to get in to shop - might be more, might be nothing.

T A K E C R E D I T C A R D S ! ! !

~Mike in Tampa (where HGA Convergence will be held next year.)
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Our LYS always does a big booth at Stitches in Chicago. I'm hoping to get the invite this year...please please please pick me to work the booth.