Feather and Fan (or Old Shale) pattern

Have been experimenting with the feather and fan pattern to make some scarves.  First decided to use some of my Koigu stash and make a scarf using 5 of the skeins.  Out of the 50 gr skein I used 28 gr, comprising 25 repeats of the pattern (4 rows for each repeat).  Liked the look of  it quite a bit.  Could even use 3 full Koigu skeins and get a scarf almost the same length of 50 inches long.  Idea is to let colors flow into each other.  After using 2 1/2 skeins, I placed on holder and began using other 2 1/2 from the opposite direction.  When length the same, I grafted pieces together with kitchener stitch.

Now trying it on more male oriented colors of using earth tones - 2 skeins of wool in the woods Cherub with 1 skein of Koigu - the difference being I am ribbing the Koigu in the middle which brings the scarf in much like a fisherman's scarf.

Here is a picture of the Koigu scarf.  Hopefully I will have attached it properly and it will show up.

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Looks great knipper! Care to post the pattern?

I'm attempting a lace shawl, got a friend in NYC to spring for the book and yarn...

Sum Ergo Knit ~ I am, therefore I knit.

Sum Ergo Knit ~ I am, therefore I knit.