Well here goes

My fiancée finally got me into knitting. She has tried twice before but this time she put some huge effort into and bought me a crap load of stuff for my birthday. Once I started it wasn't so bad. Figured I might as well spread my wings and visit the sites suggested in my book i got, knitting with balls. This should be fun, I hope my first scarf doesn't come out looking like crap.

I never noticed how much work it actually is though. Before I wouldn't think twice when she would mention knitting 200 rows and now I'm just like, damn thats rough.


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welcome to MWK and to the world of knitting. There are a couple of other very new knitters who have started visiting here recently - and, truth be told, in knitting as in life, you never really stop learning.

take things a stitch at a time - they add up faster then you will believe (much like credit card bills)

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Hey Stardust - welcome! Don't worry if you're first scarf looks like crap. Remember it's just a long piece of string and two pointed sticks. You'll learn a lot. Then your second scarf will be very cool!

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Welcome - I just got started myself! I know what you mean - I am probably the world's slowest knitter...200 rows might take me a month at the rate I'm going!

Good luck!!!

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I'd like to join the welcome wagon and no one has ever seen me "on the wagon", ever.

Trust me, in a short time you will find 200 rows is a piece of cake and it will fly by in no time. The only actual work, when it comes to knitting, is figuring out what to knit next.

Welcome aboard,


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