an arm-full

second sleevea very productive week, indeed. since my last post, I'm twenty rows shy of finishing the second sleeve.

now that I'm back into the swing of things, it's time to get a-designing.'s men's issue was a disappointment, as far as number of male designers. I know we're out there, but I recognize my own lack of a contribution.

I tip my hat off to those of you who submitted, whether or not you were published. thank you for representing our gender. I also tip my hat to those who've engaged knitty's editor.

hopefully I can get off my ass and get something to's online magazine!


Knipper's picture

That sleeve is moving along. Looks great.

A friend of mine sent me the site to's site with the encouragement to also submit. I need to get my ass in gear and do that, since I often gripe about the lack of mens patterns out there.

Maybe we can all push one another along and put our ideas and creativity out there????!!!!

Look forward to seeing the completed sweater.

hizKNITS's picture

I'll show you my design if you show me yours... but give me time to figure out what I want to make. I may put down this sweater so I'll be focused.

You were supportive when I mentioned designing swatches for future sweaters, but then my move sidelined that project. Let's do this!

Knipper and HMAlbert are getting their collective ass in gear. I'm a former Philadelphian, so we can show some brotherly love of knitting.

Darrel's picture

Wow!!! Look at you! His Majesty is doing some pretty fancy stuff these days... Bravo!