Green Cabled V-Neck Vest

Here is my third project for 2007. It is a sleeveless V-neck vest, made from Cleckheaton “Country” (Australia) 8 ply on 4.0 mm needles. The colour is a gorgeous emerald green (not a blue-green)which, per usual, has not registered properly on the digital camera. I want to add that this wool was fantastic to work with, very "springy" and just plain nice to the touch.

I took the design from a Paton’s pattern (flat/pieced work) which I had made last year but due to my own failure to follow the directions for my size and the additional injury that the garment is meant to be “oversized” anyway, the vest was far too large for me to wear. I gave it to a friend who weighs 200 pounds more than I do and it fit perfectly! Very scary. Anyway, I loved the style and wanted to have one for myself so I did the EZ percentages method and used the cable styling from the original Paton’s pattern. The vest is done circular/seamless with “reduction steeks” for the armholes and neck. I tried a different reduction for the armholes this time which worked fine but I prefer the style I did on the ice blue vest.

I had decided to try doing cables without a needle. At first, it was a bit challenging, but as I sussed how to hold the stitches while they’re off the needle (very important aspect so that the stitches don't drop or twist), it all came right. I think that the stitches are actually treated more gently without the maneuvering of the cable needle. By the end of the project I was cabling quickly and effortlessly without the third needle and I will definitely do it the same way on another cable project. I recommend trying to cable without the cable needle to see how well it works.

I also knitted a scarf and once the matching hat is done I’ll post a photo of them, too. The wool was from my Secret Santa.

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Chunk's picture

Quite simply - WOW. You must knit like lightening, every time I visit the site you have churned out another cracker. Well done - it looks fantastic.

brady's picture


This sweater is incredible! I am seriously in awe right now. Quite the inspiration, I think I'm going to have to give sweater making a try. Great work.


That is really nice. You do great work.


ronhuber's picture

A beautiful piece of work. Glad you have learned to cable without the third needle. Can you imagine how much time you would save on an aran sweater. The style really suits you.

Aaronknits's picture

Jesse that is absolutely stunning! Excellent job! You are the human sweater knitting machine.

gaynnyc's picture

Fantastic job! The sweater is beautiful.