Always knit the beanie first!

My Secret Santa (AMBush) sent me 5 skeins of Adrienne Vittadina "Nadia" knitting wool. It is 50% Alpaca, 50% Wool in 2 shades of brown. The wool is spun so that it varies from very thin to very thick. I knitted this earlier this month but was having difficulty getting a byte-size photo that wasn’t the size of Mount Everest!

This scarf had 7 aborted beginnings as nothing I did was satisfactory to me. The variegation of the thickness was challenging; it needed a pattern that brought out the beauty of the wool. I tried patterns with yarn-overs and felt like Mason did - frustrated - with either too many or too few stitches (and thus ended my dreams of lace knitting). All 7 patterns that I tried only looked sloppy, uneven and amateurish. In addition to different patterns, I also tried different needle sizes. On the eigth try, I decided to give seed stitch with a 7 mm needle a go and it worked beautifully. There was just enough pattern to be interesting, the stitches were loose but not baggy and the pattern allowed the thickness variations to show up well.

After I had finished the scarf, I was knitting along on my green V-neck vest when I discovered another skein of the Nadia wool, hidden away at the bottom of my knitting basket. I couldn’t let it go to waste, so I knitted over one-half of a hat and then clipped the end of the scarf and unraveled it as I knitted up the rest of the hat. When I’d finished the hat, I bound-off the scarf again, a bit shorter but still long enough to be a satisfactory scarf. It certainly would have been far less work if I'd knitted the beanie first and used the left-overs for a scarf!

I tried using two different cameras in an attempt to get the true colour of this beautiful brown wool but I can only get a two-toned brownish gray which is nothing near to the lovely light and dark browns. Sorry about that!

Thanks, Santy, for this beautiful knitting wool!

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Jesse they're beautiful! And I'm glad you were able to find a pattern that suits the texture of the yarn and made them enjoyable to work with.

Now, how about that mohair blend?

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The beautiful mohair blend is sitting and shedding in my work basket. I had wound a couple of skeins into balls yesterday arvo and took out my 10 mm DPN's only to discover, that although they are Addi brand (plastic), they have awful joins (tip to shank) and basically are impossible to use. I could not source any 10 mm DPN's locally so now I have to find some (most likely internationally) before I can begin. I have decided to knit this wool up into beanies.

My knitting is totally tubular!

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Beautiful - and they certainly display the yarn well.

But...don't give up on lace. *grin*

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