Multidirectional Diamond

I hate to count! So, having finished this scarf where there's plenty of counting to do on the middle diamonds have given me a great sense of accomplishment. This is not a scarf to do when you can be easily distracted. The pattern is:
Diamond Modular Scarf
Designed by: Iris Schreier


This one is knit using Plymouth yarns 'Boku' on size 11US needles.


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Very nice.... Looks great.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Is that done without a break in the yarn? I can't *quite* track the stitches in the photo...(dang bifocals!)

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Yes, the yarn is variegated. Thank goodness!! also, in order not to have to weave ends, I felted the yarn joins when I changed to new skeins. (lots of spit and rubbing between my palms)... the yarn. This of course will not work on man-made fibers. Its basically all short rows. there are two base triangles, then you knit the first diamond. the diamond is done between the side triangles and you decrease at the end of each row (to join with the triangles) and you increase in the middle. The 1st row of the diamond is only a couple stitches, the last row is about 34 stitches long. Then you start the right triangle, knit down the edge of the diamond and do the left triangle, then fill in the gap with the next diamond.. then repeat, repeat, repeat.

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If you can see the scarf.. and the fringe? (top right corner). the order the sections are in are: (base1) Green Triangle, (base2)Green Triangle, Purple Diamond, Green-Orange Triangle, Orange-Green Triangle, Green Diamond, Green Triangle (not seen) then purple Triangle.

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Great colours....I like that pattern.