New bag and Magic Loop Knitting

Well, I finally just broke down and bought the most expensive bag I could find. :-)

I got that bag in the brown. Should be here in two weeks (ordered it from the LYS). I will let you all know how I like it when it arrives.

Also, I finished up my 3 session knitting class at my LYS. The last lesson we learned magic loop knitting:

I like the idea of not having to buy all different sizes of circular needles (especially after I bought that bag above!). However, I started my first real project using it (on 40" circulars) and am having trouble. I think I got one half of the knitting twisted and I don't know if there is a way to fix that outside of just ripping it all out. I also have a problem with how stiff the wire is between the needles, it really seems to bend and twist my work, and I don't need any help there. Any experienced magic-loop knitters here that might have a suggestion?

BTW, here is the hat I am doing, it's Ann Norling's Head Huggers:


in regards to new circs:
Always a good idea to put on a saucepan of water to a low simmer and plunge your 'cable' (not the needles just the plastic cable) between the needles into it. Let it get hot for about 30-45 seconds. Pull out and stretch the cable taut for about a minute. I then run it under a cold tap. What you've done is realigned the molecules in the cable to be straight. Now the cable won't twist up on you. HTH!

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Hey, great idea!

I will try it out. I just ripped out the old stitches and cast on another 88. I have about 2 rounds on it now but it looks like it is twisted again. Who knows, maybe it is OK and I just think it looks twisted. Either way, if I rip out again, or finish it I will give the water thing a go.

Thanks again.

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I usually knit about three rows straight...before I join into a's much easier to avoid the twist that way....then I close the tiny gap with the beginning tail....

Please post your review of the bag. I have been considering it for a long time.


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I certainly will.

I have been living out of a paper bag for a month now and am really looking forward to a real bag.

I may still not knit very well at all, but I am going to look good doing it!


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...but I don't have the quids. *drat!*

Thanks for adding an object to my covet central. :-p

BTW, straightening out the cables on your long can also try using a hairdryer, although I've never tried it before. (I always plunge it into hot water)....although I'm expecting my 100cm Addi Turbos to arrive either today or tomorrow...then I can try out MagicLoop, too! ;-)

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I tried magic loop and just couldn't get it to work comfortably for me. I prefer using two circs - or use a DPN to "short circuit" the circular. (you use a DPN to cut a chord across the circ - just knit the dpn onto a dpn when you reach it, then go back to knitting on the circ)

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I agree with what Mike says about straightening out the needles - in a pinch, you can also just run the cable under hot tap water, then pull, then repeat.

Nice bag! I DIDN'T get a bag for Christmas so the Best Beloved has given me permission to buy the bag of my choice and maybe I've just found it!

Jonathan in DC
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