Any Ideas for Kidsilk Haze?

I've started knitting with rowan kidsilk Haze and it's a bit of a nightmare - I wanted to make a hat for a friend and it looks a bit of a dishcloth. the wool also seems really 'sticky' on metal needles and is generally not very enjoyable. Will I be beaten? Any ideas?

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hmmmm-- I've never knit anything but lace w/ Kidsilk crack Haze; I can't imagine knitting it on small enough needles to make a substantial fabric - The smallest I've used is US 4; I usually use US 8 and sometimes 10.5

and if you think it is sticky on metal - on wood (at least bamboo) it is darn near immovable!

But it makes incredibly lovely lace.

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You might try carrying it along with another yarn or knitting two strands of the mohair together...on larger needles.

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Kidsilk (crack) haze is designed for lace..It makes wonderful lace. I like it on Bryspun needles (flexible plastic circulars). I also like to carry it with a variegated yarn (sockweight, fingerling, chenille, etc, to create a more luxurious yarn. It is great for carrying with a borderline wool (not QUITE soft enough for scarf etc) like Noro Kureyon....the mohair fibers soften the feel or hand of the knit fabric, and give a lovely halo to the end product.

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I can only concur. I was knitting it on 3.75mm Brittany Birch needles (my weapon of choice) but it was still unpleasant and I abandoned my attempt.

I suggest you ask the good people at Rowan as I've certainly seen KSH demo garments in various woolshops so they should know.