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From left to right, Camel Down, Grey Cashmere, White Cashmere

I've been slowly but surely spinning these up into fingering weight yarn on a supported spindle with the intent to make a hat out of them. I might save the grey cashmere for another project since it's spinning up alot softer than the other two.

Does anyone know of any good sites for fair isle charts?


Does anyone know what's up with Knitting-And?
It's not loading up right for me, gives me a download box when I go to the site.


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Yes, Sarah is moving her site to a new server, and she is having major pains with how slow they are doing it! Seems the old server don't want to let her go, but won't respond to any of her concerns, and won't refund her money! But she is a fighter, so the move is on, and it's going to take awhile.

The problem stems from the pointer from the old site to the new site. All very technical stuff, and the old servers are not being helpful.

Sarah did say that you can still view at it's old location for now ( Then just wait a couple days, and try it again for the new site. Should all be working just fine by Feb 4, I should think.