Evil Knitting Knazis

Just wanted to drop an FYI to those who fly with sticks. Although it is acceptable to fly into Australia with knitting needles, you will want to pack them into your checked luggage when you fly out. At least on Quantas. Knitting Needles are 'perceived weapons' Options were AddiTurbo decapitation or my small defenseless knitting bag thown into the hold with the rest of the baggage. Luckily my needles (and projects on them) arrived into LAX unscathed and unharmed. 14 consecutive hours without knitting!! UGH!!!



PS. This is by no means anything against our Australian brothers, I love going down under!


YarnGuy716's picture

I personally consider myself much more dangerous being without my knitting for that amount of time than having knitting needles in my possession.

When I do fly I make sure the project in my carry-on is on bamboo circs, I also have a pattern/knitting book/magazine with me. Wearing something hand knit isalso a good thing to make them realize that "yes, I do knit, please don't take my knitting from me."

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I thought it was interesting the first thing out of the Kneedle Knazi's mouth was ..
"I have it in writing, I'll show you", before I even uttered a audible workd (several under my breath however had already escaped).