Desert Babies

I'm surrounded by pregnant women and have way too much time on my hands, so time to get some needles and yarn in them!

There isn't much selection at the stores I've been to, although I haven't checked the Wal-Mart. I checked the yellow pages and there's a fabric store downtown that claims to sell yarn, as well, but who knows what makes it over the Mexican border. We shall see!

Regarding those pregnant women, I want to knit up some little blankets or car-seat throws. In the summer, it's regularly in the upper 90's to low 100's, but in the winter it can get down to the 30s. Since it's summer now and the little ones are coming soon, I want to knit up a summer-weight baby throw. Can anyone suggest a suitable fiber for desert heat that won't induce heat exhaustion?

I was thinking a mercerized cotton, but there must be something a little more creative. I envision them opening the box and thinking I made them an oversized dishrag, but I suppose that could be averted by using something with a little sheen to it and/or a fancy stitch.

Suggestions please!


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Great to hear how you are doing.  How about knitting with some of the organic cottons - such as Inca Cotton (all natural colors) or CottonCandy (the space dyed version - has a picture of Jayne Mansfield on the label that Hugh Hefner would definitely appreciate).  Both knit up great and should cover all types of weather and easy to clean.  Or try a dk weight wool and lace up the pattern to give is a somewhat airy effect.  Or go with Koigu - single or doubled.  Are you desperate for yarn? 

When will you be back in the states?  Keep us posted.

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As I was falling asleep last night, I had a vision of yarnovers... Who's in whose head?

I love the organic cotton idea, too. And how can one go wrong with Ms. Jayne Mansfield, I ask you? I was taking a look at KnitPicks, the site from which I've always wanted to order but haven't, and the "Wool of the Andes" has some lovely colors and the $1.79/110yd price point is ideal for my south of the border budget. The natural, undyed version is $2.99/220yd.

Yes, I'm desperate for yarn! I brought a bunch with me, but I realized while going through it that there was a reason I never used any of it. I also found the bag with 4 pairs of mittenettes that are still, after many months, missing thumb gussets. I always tell people I knit for the process, not for the product.

I've no plans to visit yet... the client I thought would have me living on easy street fell through. I'm doing some work, but it's nothing that requires my presence or provides me with free plane tickets. The contract for my apartment ends on 2 Jan, but who knows what I'll do. I like it a lot down here! I've been keeping a blog about my adventures, but since things are normalizing I've recently added a category and started bitching about the world.

Thanks for the suggestions and once I get my booty movin', I'll post some pictures of what I'm doing!