I don't understand why my pics won't upload. I'm not doing anything different than I have done in the past. Sorry I'm wasting so much space on this site.


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Hi Stephen,

Just a note to let you know that I've found it next to impossible to upload pics to this site. I'll try and try and then discover much to my chagrin that the whole home page is full of blank entries from me.

I do think many people have had problems - you'll notice that when usually when someone uploads a pic, there a at least a couple of blank entries that show up first.

When I finally managed last time, the pic apparently only showed up (at least for some people), as a thumbnail and nothing else.

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

I agree with Jonathan. Somehow or other this site is kind of tricky regarding uploading of pics. The important thing (at least for me) is the comraderie of other guys who enjoy the craft, want to exchange ideas, compare notes, etc. Pics are great, but for me it's more about community. So don't sweat the pics, stay in touch re: the projects you're working on and/or questions you might have. As for me, time to get back to my latest sock project. I made one for my wife, and she liked it, so I guess I may as well make the other one, seeing as she has two feet and I still have some yarn leftover anyway . . .


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I agree - don't sweat the pics - though we're happy to see them when we can, text only is fine as well.

BUT, if you really want to make sure your photo posts - you can post it as a file attachment (that's down *below* the photo section on the blog screen - and the photo shows up as a link on your post. Just make sure after you browse out to the file that you attach the file before submitting your post.

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Are you using Windows or Mac?

Are you posting with a Windows computer or a Mac? I find that I can only post pictures using a Windows computer. I can't post using my Mac laptop - which makes me sad.

Is that the case Darryl?

- Tom

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I use a Mac...
my problem is when I preview a posts...with no words...
and I see no option to post without previewing...

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Luckily I still have an old Windows laptop -- so I'll stick with using that when I post content.

(By the way, I love my new MacBook.)

- Tom

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Yeah, I have a Mac laptop too - maybe that's the problem.


Think less, enjoy it more.

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Regarding the PC/Mac question: If you're having troubles and you're using Safari, use Firefox. I use a Mac laptop, too, and share your pain.

I like Safari... it's fast and i like its simplicity, but it's become incompatible with a large number of web sites that I spend a great deal of time on... Either that or they just look better in Firefox. I don't think it's a bad browser, but I think Apple is just lagging at fixing some buggy implementations of new technologies (like Ajax) a lot of folks are beginning to use. We're all holding our breath for Leopard, I'm sure!

The only troubles I have on Firefox are a few Flash controls not working, but even that's rare. You can also customize the theme and make it look like Safari or lots of other things.