Scarf made using Mario's pattern ...

I wanted to make a scarf for my sister for Valentines. I used a stitch pattern from our very own Mario -- thanks Mario.

I think it turned out very nicely. The color in the photos is terrible. The scarf is really a very nice Valentine red -- not at all the color that shows up in the photos. I'm also posting a detail picture. Since neither of the two photos taken of the scarf laying flat show the lace pattern, I also took a silhouette picture by holding the scarf up to the window and letting the light shine through the scarf. It looks like a totally different scarf when you see the silhouette.

I knitted the scarf using US size 15 needles with Lion Brand "Homespun" yarn which yielded a very soft, fluffy scarf. I think my sister will love it. And after all, who doesn't like to receive a surprise, hand knit gift in the mail?

Thanks again, Mario!

- Tom

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Looks good, Tom! Tho' I must admit - the "pattern" is just a standard stitch pattern - I can't claim it as "mine".

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I really like the textured look this scarf has. It makes me want to touch it!!

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Thanks, a bunch. I appreciate your comments.