Just joined the group a few days ago. I'm a beginner. I've knitted several scarves, dishcloths, and a couple of pairs of socks. What I really want to do is knit a sweater, but I panic when I try to decipher the patterns--even the ones that say they're easy.


P.S. Forgive the scary picture. That's me at my 40th birthday party. Obviously I'm way past the cute stage...


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Hey Joe, welcome to MWK!

I am sure you will enjoy yourself here.


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Good Morning and welcome from a very chilly London town! Hope you enjoy life on the site...good luck with finding the sweater pattern! I'm a very keen sock knitter, but like you I would love to make my first sweater. I hope I can find just the right pattern...I would love to get into the pattern making of fair-isle! SO much to look forward to!! Have a great day and hopefully we can chat soon! Ivan

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Hello and welcome, Joe. Do not fear about making sweater. I love to and have even created my own patterns at time. I have done alot of trial and error and believe me many stiches have been ripped out. I love to knit cables. Joe, don't worry we are here to help.



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Good Morning, Joe! Welcome to MWK! Many years ago, after a few sweaters and vests, I discovered knitting sweaters from the top down using nothing but circular needles and therefore avoiding seams! You will also get plenty of practice just knitting and no purling in this process.

There are a few books out on this technique as well as a few patterns that I'm sure your local yarn shop has.

Knit on and on and on!

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I love cake. Your picture makes me want some lol.

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Welcome Joe,
look for the Ann Norling pattern for a top down's easy to understand...
most yarn shops carry her patterns...