Scarf made for my partner ...

This scarf took me way longer to knit than I want to admit. I started it last September! I wanted to knit my partner, Paul, a patterned scarf that looked good from both sides. This pattern fits the bill quite nicely. For some reason, I can never get colors to come out very well when I take pictures. This scarf is really a nice rusty orange color.

The scarf is "His (Birthday) Scarf" by Monika Steinbauer

However, rather than using the yarn and needles suggested in her pattern, I knitted it using Knit Picks "Elegance" (which is 70% Baby Alpaca and 30% silk) and US size 4 needles.

I took me a while to get my mind wrapped around the 18 row pattern repeat. But I think the pattern is very nice.

- Tom

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Nice work, Tom. How do you like the yarn?


Think less, enjoy it more.

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This is a very, very late reply (over three years!). But I have to admit the yarn didn't hold up very well. The scarf got a lot of "fuzzies" on it. I happened to see the photo of this scarf show up on the side bar as a random photo so thought I'd just reply.

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I like the yarn a lot. It feels very nice and gives the scarf a nice drape. I don't know how it'll hold up against beard stumble! -- but I think most yarns wouldn't. The yarn is a DK weight. I think the pattern called for a worsted weight -- which is why I had to drop needle sizes. Therefore, I had to do more than 19 pattern repeats to give the scarf a good length. I think I used four skeins of the yarn. If I wouldn't have kept track of the pattern rows by drawing hatch marks on a piece of paper, I would have lost my mind. And if you don't like doing seed stitch -- this is not a pattern you'd want to tackle.

By the way, I like most of the yarns I've gotten from Knit Picks.

- Tom