Scarf #2

Here is a pic of my second scarf-- if the photo will upload properly. It's a simple seeded rib design and the yarn is a buttery-soft merino wool. My wooden needles have become very smooth from working with this yarn.

Scarf #3 is already completed. Last night I learned how to make fringe and finished it off. Pic may be coming soon. Thanks to all of you for your help and encouragement.

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when I click on the attachment it says page not found...

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Same as Bill. This is usually what happens when I try to post a pic, too!

Oh well - good work on the scarf though!!!!

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I give up on the pics. Trust me, it's looking good for a beginner.

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Try this to get your photo to show up:

1. Edit this post, delete the attachment, then save it.
2. Rename your file to something that doesn't include a # sign in the name.
3. Edit this post again and add the newly renamed attachment

See for tips on naming your files.

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nevermind... i went ahead and changed things around to get it workin'. the scarf looks great! nice tension :)

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It does look very good. I like the texture and colour match.

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