Uploading Images

If you guys are having trouble uploading images, make sure that there are no special characters in the file name, i.e. !,@,#,& or spaces, etc. These do not translate well in web browsers.

See this page for tips on filenaming conventions: http://htmlfixit.com/tutes/tutorial_HTML_File_Names.php

Also, be sure to resize your images to something that's under 100k and a reasonable resolution for display on a web page. Large, inline images will distort the page layout.

Attaching an image to a post, rather than trying to make it inline is also more straightforward. When creating a new post, simply expand the "File Attachments" section, browse for your local file, and click Attach.

You can always go back and edit (or delete) a post you've previously written.

Let me know if y'all have questions or describe to me the scenarios that're causing you trouble and I'll do my best to explain them here, for everyone's benefit.



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easier said than done, Darryl!
if you try to post s blog entry...there is no option for "post"...only "preview"..and that posts the pic without the written copy!

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howdy bill! i've turned off the requirement to preview posts before submitting, so you should now see two buttons down there – preview and submit. just use submit.

i also created a test user via the normal signup method and created a few test posts. i tried two posts – one using the attach image dialog and the other using file attachment.

the conclusion that i reached is "attach image" sucks and "file attachment" is better. when you create an image via the file attachment method, it auto-senses it's an image file.

the neat stuff happens after. if you go back and edit your post, you'll see that drupal has created a thumbnail, preview, and the original image. the preview image seems to be the best mix of size and quality based on the image i used.

how are you guys attaching your images? TomH always seems to get his attachments done quite nicely with thumbnail previews and larger versions available by clicking. Perhaps he'd like to share his process with everyone 'cause it seems to work nicely.

In other news, Drupal has finally made it up to 5.0, which is a seriously major improvement over the current version running the site. i've been playing with a test installation and it's so. much. better.

It's a major upgrade and I'm going to copy the site over somewhere else and do a test upgrade and see how it goes. Right now, a lot of the site features that give us the most grief are ones that are plug-ins, of sorts. Many of these are now built in to the core application, which makes it inherently more stable.

So... be on the lookout for Men Who Knit 4.0!

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I not sure I do anything different than anyone else when posting. I think I just follow the form. I know that I format my images (that I attach as attachments) to a width of 640 pixels to make them a good, viewable size for the larger size. And I formatted the picture of myself to 75 pixels in width.

I also know that I use the Preview option a lot when doing my postings, especially when creating the text.

But next time I do a post, I'll take notes on exactly what I do to make a successful post. And then will pass that info on in the event it might help someone else.

- Tom