QueerKnits Flickr Group

I've been on a bit of a forced break from knitting lately because of hand & wrist pain, and this has forced my energies into other areas. One of those other areas was setting up the QueerKnits group on Flickr for lgbt & friendly folks with Flickr accounts to share photos of their work. I certainly don't see it as a substitute for this site - it's not specific to men, and it's not the same sort of forum - just another venue. Anyone who might be interested is welcome to visit the group page here.


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can you post a link?

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Actually, I did link it from the word "here", but here's the full URL:


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Flickr is great! We can even pull in a feed from Flickr and display the photos here on MWK.

If anyone has other suggestions for RSS feeds to add to the ones we link to, post them here. RSS is fantastic technology and the amount of traffic we get could be put to good use by promoting other nifty sites.