I work part time at Skein Lane, a local yarn store where I live. Today, I had a couple of women talking to me about the rampant sexism that they see surrounding knitting. I just laughed and told them they have no idea. One woman said, "You mean people get patronizing to you because you're a guy who knits?" Before I could say a single thing, the second woman said, "Would that be matronizing?"

Many laughs. :)


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I work part time at Rosie's Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia, and will sometimes be asked, "Do you knit" as I am stocking the shelves etc. I reply "yes, for over 20 years" That keeps them quiet. It amuses the owner of the yarn shoppe as to why a customer would think that she would have someone on staff who could not knit.

Arlene Mintzner, founder of "The Sensuous Fiber" in NYC, maintains that men are more daring knitters willing to jump off the diving board with their creativity. Hence, she felt they are better knitters per se. She always told me I had a knitters soul, (and I do), so you can imagine that I am fond of her.

Planning to have a male knitters group the end of September. Following your advice with the advertising and will have it start as once a month and see what happens from there.

Have also just submitted a scarf pattern to the call for patterns for men from men. We shall see. I am pleased with the effort regardless of the outcome. Best to all of us as we see how our submissions turn out.