I admit to being powerless to resist yarn. I just bopped into my LYS to pick up a skein of something soft in bulkyweight and natural grey brown to repair a Canadian First Nation's sweater (some coastal tribe, I've forgotten the name) and to my HORROR: Yarn sale! She isn't going to carry some of my favorite mohair anymore: Plymouth Outback Mohair....fabulous, and CHEAP AND NOW.....40% OFF! I almost got into a grabbing match with some cow who DARED STAND BETWEEN ME AND A YARN! I bought enough for 2 sweaters for $45. I also bought some interesting textured yarn that I had used in the hat and scarf set for my sister in law. I got off easy: under $100. It is official. I have no self control. Last night I finished a scarf, and prepared yardage for Mom's "Kaffe Fassett Small squares sweater"... should I send her something to tide her and Dad over in the meantime? They didn't yet get a Christmas present....I feel guilty. Bad son, bad son...


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That must be a tough situation... happy that you can get some great yarn so cheaply, but then depressing that the store won't carry it any more.

I have to admit that I'm very jealous, though. There basically isn't such a thing as a LYS here. I have to drive 100 miles for one, and even then I'm not impressed with what I can find. I guess I'll have to keep sticking to expensive mail order yarn.

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You need to try Webs.com. or Knitpicks.com....Both carry a lot of yarn at good prices.

Portland is yarn MECCA: there is something like 9 decent yarn stores within a 15 minute drive of downtown. We seem to be supporting them all, too. Fashion is big business here in PDX.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Mohair for two sweaters for $45? I can't believe it. You'da been crazy not to have gotten that.


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I attended the same sale and got away spending only $120! Yarn for the new grandchild is coming out way ahead of everyone else!

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Are you thinking maybe Siwash? or Cowichan? Those are the bulky sweaters that many of the west coast aboriginals designed.

And btw, did you get any of that bulkyweight and natural grey brown? Or did you completely forget about it?

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Thanks for the website recommendations. Just to be sure, by webs.com you mean yarn.com? (The name of the store is Webs, so I can see it being easy to misremember the site name.)

From a brief look, it seems like Knitpicks has great prices but a terrible interface on their site. Still, I'd rather deal with a bad interface than pay three times the price elsewhere! Webs' prices didn't strike me as being particularly impressive, but their bargain bin looked to have some nice deals. I'll certainly add both of these sites to bookmark list.