Pink Scarf

Here is my third scarf-- I learned how to make fringe and now I want to put it on everything! I think I'm ready to graduate into some real production work and am thinking about a child's sweater because it will work up faster than an adult's size with less investment in materials. Any thoughts?


Do you have a particular child in mind for your sweater? Without a person in mind to knit specifically for, how will you know the sweater fits? If you don't have a particular person in mind, I'd recommend you invest in some low- or medium-priced yarn, chalk it up to a learning experience, and knit yourself something for taking the time to learn.

Or at least that's my opinion,

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I did have a child in mind, but he lives several hundred miles away in a hot climate and won't even need a sweater for several months. With the help of the ladies at the LYS, I have decided to make a vest for myself instead. The material investment is nearly the same amount since I won't be making sleeves, and I will still learn the basics of shaping, sweater construction, etc.

Thanks for your input. It helps to have someone else confirm my thoughts!