HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!...Everybody!!!

Hi everybody!!! Happy V-Day!!!
I just want to share this lovly poem with youguys!

"When the sun rises above the horizon
bringing forth the day....
My heart whispers your name.
When the sun hovers proudly above the Earth
casting all sadness away....
My heart whispers your name.
When the sun sinks below the Earth’s edge
having painted its promise to return one day....
My heart whispers your name.

Like the blood flowing through my veins
You are a part of me....
Deeply ingrained in my heart.

And should the sun ever sink never to rise again
And your heart ceases to beat my name in refrain,
Then my heart will continue whispering
its endless whisper....your name.

Like the flesh covering my body
You are a part of me
Deeply ingrained in my heart."

Melanie Bartelt



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That is a lovely poem, thank you for sharing it.

I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day, as I'd rather show my love every day of the year rather than reserve it for an arbitrary day designed by businesses. However, I'll perfectly willing to wish everyone here a happy Arizona statehood day. ^_^

Beautiful poem...
Thanks for sharing it with us.