Where do you Knit?

Hi guys,
I'm just wondering where you all knit? Apart from home that is!
I've been going to 2 knitting groups recently.

Sunday evening is Boyz Night @ The Point, 37a Bedford Street, NYC, NY 10014.( 212) 929 0800 (877) 60-POINT
www.thepointnyc.com Great coffee, sandwiches, muffins etc.
John is the leader & it's a nice friendly bunch of guys.

On Wednesday evenings I've been going to Booze & Yarn. This is lead by Corinna @ Bowery Poetry Club. There is another who goes but I've not met him yet! It's a cool venue. www.boozeandyarn.com

Sometimes I knit on the subway to & from work. I get a few odd looks but no comments as yet. When I flew to London for Easter I was able to knit but on the way back had to put my project in my suitcase at the check in desk. American Airlines. On my way out security at JFK checked my carry on as I had my laptop & they said nothing when my knitting came out of the bag. Bamboo needles I might add not metal.

I have to say being in New York is great as there are so many Yarn Stores & all the ones that I have been to have been very friendly & helpful.
The Point of course.

Purl in SoHo has helped on several occasions & I went there as I've knit a couple of items from Joelle's book 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts'. www.purlsoho.com They have classes.

Seaport Yarns, close to Brooklyn Bridge & City Hall is a fabulous store bursting full of yarn. www.seaportyarn.com They hold classes.

P & S Fabrics, 355 Broadway @ Franklin Street is an Alladin's cave for yarn, needles & tons of other stuff. www.psyarns.com

School Products, www.schoolproducts.com 28th Street & Broadway has a great selection of yarn, needles & patterns. They are very friendly & helpful too.

Knit NY, on 14th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues. www.knitnewyork.com has a great cafe & selection of yarn & needles etc & holds classes.

There are more but I've not been to them yet so it would be unfair to comment. If I made any mistakes I'm sorry in advance. I'm only human after all.

Happy knitting,

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Hi Martin,

So far, the only places that I have knitted outside the apartment are at the laundromat and at work.  At work, there is a knitting klatsch that gets together every other Friday over lunch.  We wolf down our food and then knit, trade tips and hints, show each other our work, etc.  It's loads of fun. The support is wonderful and everyone is very nice.  There is another man who comes, but I have not yet met him.  Apparently, he's very busy and has a hard time getting over to our building during lunch.  The group does some charitable group projects and always contributes various projects to the annual Christmas bazaar.

Of course, the laudromat lends itself well to knitting while I wait for the wash/dry cycles;  I get chunks of time to make progress.  I haven't really gotten any askance looks but have had some interested people ask me what I was working on.


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I usually knit at cafes.  Every Tuesday I go to a stich and bitch with about 20-30 women at one, and at another one down the street from my house most other nights.  I've also been seen knitting at restaurants, parks, and bars.

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When I was in San Francisco, I would knit everywhere... bus stops, benches, parks, cafes, friend's houses while visiting... all over the place. There were many times when I'd be working on something and somebody would stop, ask what I was doing, ask if I made something I was wearing, and then ask if I sold anything. Not a bad gig.

Now that I'm in lovely Juarez, Mexico, there's this whole machismo thing and I worry about getting my ass kicked. Three guys in a jeep started blowing kisses at me the other night while walking down the street and I don't think it was because they thought I was cute. I've become a closet knitter again. Oh the agony of it all. Of course, if I had 4 metal double points on me, I could get all knitting ninja on 'em!

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I used to love going to the laundromat and knitting!  Now that I've got the washer and dryer, I kind of miss that...

I knit on the bus, coffee shops, the beach, at work on my lunch break...you would think I'd have more projects finished.

No groups here in Kalamazoo except the ones that knit during the day. Which leaves me out as I work during the day.. I am about to give up starting one. I have had no response.  Barry

I knit mostly at home. Most recently though I started a knitting group at work during lunch -- Stitch 'n' Eat. We meet 2x a month. So far I'm the only guy. There is one other that is interested in learning.

On some occasions I find myself knitting in my dreams. Is it time for a 12-step program? The other night I dreamed that my Great-Aunt Annette was teaching me a new stitch pattern, the canvas stitch. I should have jotted down the stitch when I woke up. It seemed like it was some weird hybrid between a lace and basket weave pattern. What the heck would Freud say about that?