Knit Shops in L.A. and Pasadena???

Hello boys,

Just wondering if any of you in the L.A. area have favorite knit shops....I'm headed there this week and would love to check them out!!?!?!?! Please send a message if you know where I should go.

Thanks for your time.....Gabriel


Lee Griffiths's picture

I'm not in L.A. but visit regularly and like La Knitterie Parisienne in Studio City a lot.  Some of the customers look twice at a guy buying knitting supplies (something I don't see here in San Francisco), but the staff have no problem and are very friendly and helpful.

They have a large stock (some of it in their warehouse in addition to a lot stuffed into the shop space), though you'll almost definitely need to ask for help to find anything specific - their organization principles defy my analysis, at least.

See for more address/phone.