yarn, the new crack

Last night I was at a local knit night at another LYS. I used to avoid this one as pretentious and stuffy, too precious and expensive, and then in a stroke of marketing genious, this upber-white, waspy store hired the only black woman working in a PDX LYS. Thank DOG for Terrisa (that is the correct spelling....it's a Quaker spelling, I am told). Now the store rings with laughter and humour, and a bit more champagne during the knit nights. HOWEVER....damn yarn sale. After last weekend's unexpected yarn adventure, I promised myself that I would buy NO MORE. That vow lasted a whopping 5 days: Tahki Donegal tweed at 30% off. How could I possibly resist? I was good boy, though....I only bought $40 worth. (IT'S A MIRACLE!) 2/16/07....15 hats knit thus far... I wish I had thought to photograph them all before I sent them away. Love to you all from misty Portland.


In the dictionary, next to the word Restraint, should be a large, gilt picture of your mug.

The very model of Restraint. I hereby elevate you to that of a Role Model.

~Mike in Tampa (bowing in Obeisance & Awe . . .)
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Math exam question #12:

If Bob knits a sweater a week every week for the rest of his life using only yarn from his personal stash, will he run out of yarn before he turns 80?

(answer: unlikely)

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Glad that I've only found one knit night in Portland and I'm in town part time.....I couldn't afford more than one knit night!

Which LYS was it?


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I got hit at Close Knit for just under $100, and Knit Purl for $48 (although $15 of that was for a commission). I just got bit at Close Knit for $30 (silki-ull at 40% off).

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

Hi Bob,

I was in PDX last weekend and stopped at Knit/Purl to buy some yarn. The staff seemed very nice and I think the husband of one was working and another fellow besides me was shopping. Was this the place?

John F

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It could describe 3 different PDX yarn stores, but yesm it could describe Knit/Purl.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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hahaha -- the start of the slippery slope!

I started with the fibre addiction over 20 years ago... I still have boxes of the stuff I bought then! I could never resist any of it either; I'm better now, but one never gets over an addiction. You just need to be so very careful and always under control!

yes... that's me... under control.