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I'm currently working on a sweater that will eventually require some buttons, and I'd like to use something a little more special than the plastic ones you buy on a card at the fabric store. Can anyone suggest an online source that has a good inventory of interesting buttons? I'm looking for understated quality rather than flashy. Glass, maybe? Metal? Bone?


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I've found AMAZING buttons at vintage stores, goodwill (I've bought $1-5 sweaters for the bone or horn buttons)and other thrift stores. Sometimes antique places will have boxes of buttons as well. I also buy them on e-bay. AVOID the crap at fabric stores. You also might want to consider using nontraditional items. I've done toggles and buttons with stones, beads, discs from the local bead shop.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

What a great idea! I went to a thrift store today and, although I didn't find "just the right ones" this time, I was amazed at what's available, especially on women's jackets and vests. All the customers were watching me as if I were some sort of perv, but who cares.

I've bought buttons in the past from Trim Fabrics at: I did find the perfect buttons for a cardigan I was working on, but the shipping seemed a little steep, took almost two weeks to arrive in the Pittsburgh area from New York City, and on top of that they sent 2 of the wrong buttons. I had ordered extra in case of future lost buttons, and to pad my button stash, so I didn't feel it was worth testing their "100% guarantee."

I've also looked frequently at As Cute as a Button at: I haven't ordered from them, but I like a lot of what I see.

Finally, there are a lot of online sources if you do a search in Google or GoodSearch.

I hope this helps, but regardless, good like finding your buttons.


Hey Stuart,

Since you live in Denver, you might check out Denver Fabrics on Bellview near Santa Fe. They have a large selection and range in materials. Also, Showers of Flowers yarn store on Colfax has a fairly good selection of unusual buttons. And, there is a bead shop on South Broadway, but I can't think of the name of it. Its out past most of the antique shops. Is there a mens knitting group in our fair city?