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I'm trying to source the INOX line marker but have had no success yet; it may be no longer available. This brand is not available here in NZ and I can't find this item on-line. For reference, this item is shown on page 11 of "The Big Book of Knitting" by Katharina Buss.

Any assistance will be appreciated.



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found them here;

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Bill, I looked at these sites but that's not what I'm looking for. I want the line marker, the device that assists in reading a pattern chart. Jesse

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Hey Jesse,
Hope your doing great. I don't have The Big Book of Knitting, but from your brief description, I'm guessing your looking for either a) a magnetic board that you can put your chart on and mark rows with a long magnet that you move up after each row. OR b) a half-round acrylic magnifier that has a narrow line marked on it. You sit it on top of your chart and it magnifies the line your working on.

Here's a e-bay type site in NZ that has them. Sounds like she has a stock of them.

I found another NZ site here:

If that's not what you're looking for, let me know and I'll do some more checking. Also, if you need something shipped from the US, let me know. I'm happy to do it.

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Ta' John, but not what I'm looking for. The item I want has 3 long plastic prongs with spacers in-between. One slides the pattern sheet on top of the first and third prongs and the middle second prong underlines the pattern chart. It's very simple but looks effective. I have the metal magnetic board which is OK but awfully heavy and awkward to carry around.

You might want to look into the book. I just received my copy and I really like it a lot. Lots of explanations of techniques if you want to branch out on your own and knit without commercial patterns. It has a definite European style to it.

Thanks for the offer to send it to me. It's amazing how many US companies won't mail overseas!

Cheers, Jesse

My knitting is totally tubular!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly


Not sure what this device looks like but I use book arrows that I get from any bookseller. They're copperish and they slide onto the side of the page and the end of the arrow shows where you are/left off.

I also use paperclips. But if you want something that goes all the way across the page/pattern, go to an office supply store and get a secretary's line marker. That should do the trick. It's a clipboard-type thing with a sliding bar that goes up and down the left side of the board. You just put your book, page, pattern on the board and the slider keeps you on the right line.


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What you can use is called a "document holder". These used to be used all the time in offices -- they attached to the computer or monitor. There are still some of them around, or in the back room of the supply room in an office. Check your local office supply store, and see what they have. Here are some links to sources in UK:

But you can often find bookmarkers made of some metal (copper most often or brass) which are like a long paperclip, and work just perfectly.