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Everyone has been helpful and I appreciate the response. I decided to put a photo of the item I'm looking for. The book calls this a "line marker" but I see on the item it's called a "pattern marker". I'm still looking!

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Jesse, I bought something similar to this years ago at a shop that sold embroidering charts, yarns, etc. It comprised a metal sheet with various sized magnetic strips so you could follow a line of pattern.

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I use a magnet on a metal board (my mom used to use the same thing for cross stitch) - the thing you're showing looks like something you could make out of heavy plastic or something? I like the magnet/board thing - it works really well for complicated fair isle - I put the magnet on top of the row - (working from bottom up) so that as I move it I can see the row I am working on and the pattern for the rows I have completed - it helps keep everything lined up :)



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This isn't exactly like the one in your picture, but it would be a bit more portable than the magnetic boards.

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I like this but it looks near to impossible to order since I would have to live in the US and shop around at the stores which carry this item to see if it is in stock. Thanks for the link, anyway!

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You might want to try searching for "bookmarks" rather than "pattern markers." With a little bit of digging I found several bookmarks of similar design. Unfortunately, every place I looked wanted a minimum order of several hundred.