Fair Isle vs Mosaic

As Arron (rooboy) said in his posting about his fantastic beanie, the Transtasman Knitting Circle is working on learning how to do Fair Isle. Arron is light years ahead of me; I'm just slogging along.

I'm wondering what members think of the Fair Isle vs. Mosaic knitting. Do you find much difference in the final product? Is one easier than the other? Are there advantages to one over the other? What comments do you have, please?

I've tried both and I find the Mosaic slightly tighter than the other. I can't figure out if it's me or just the way it works. It seems that Mosaic may be easier but that being said, I have no difficulties knitting with both hands at the same time.

Thanks for your input.


My experience is that mosaic is initially easier, since you only have to deal with one yarn color at a time, but it takes longer, since you effectively work each row twice. Also, the vertical tension is tighter with mosaic knitting, and long stretches of the same color - say 7 to 10 stitches - tend to curve slightly, whereas with fair isle, they maintain a straight line.

Of course, EZ says you shouldn't ever have a run of more than 5 stitches of the same color, but if you 'weave' the yarn as you go it's not an issue. See the internet video on the Philosopher's Wool web site, or check out Mary Thomas's knitting book for the method.