A Turn of Events

This was going to be a blog about socks, and it still will be, but within a context that last week I wasn't imagining! On Saturday, the Best Beloved and I went and picked up our Best Friend and off we went to the skating rink on the National Mall. After 20 minutes of skating, a small child fell on the ice. The Best Beloved, trying to avoid the child, stopped suddenly and fell over. When I got to him, he was a sort of peculiar green color. He looked up, said "I f####d up my leg."

Sure enough - two nasty compound breaks, two inches above the ankle, requiring surgery and a rod. The worst part (for me!) was having to help the ER doctor set the leg. Gratefully, the Best Friend is a bit more butch than I and was able to hold the leg while I held the Best Beloved in an embrace. I'm convinced that no one should have to go through that much pain unless you're getting something like a baby out of it!

He comes home today. It will be a 6 month recovery, so I'm busy getting workmen in to rebuild the banister (which we took out to replace but never got around to) and hiring a housekeeper etc. etc. etc.

And in all of this, I'm very happy to report that I finished my very first pair of toe up socks during his surgery! The nurses, young women from Malaysia, were very impressed. These socks are really phenomenally easy. I'm not sure how much I like the heel done in garter stitch per the directions, but that's easy enough to change. What's really great about this is that I had only two balls of yarn, and no more - so it was easy to knit and not worry about whether or not I'd have enough yarn. As it turns out, I did have enough: one skein per sock (the socks are a Nori DK weight silk/wool blend, so I wasn't sure about the yardage).

They are great - anyone who likes making socks should try them. I just have to weave in both ends, and they're ready to wear!

I shall now perhaps try to knit something that will fit over a cast, just to keep the toes warm!

Best to all of you,
Jonathan in DC


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Please give your friend a big hug from all of us - skating is a mighty dangerous thing - one of my first boyfriends (years ago) fell ice skating and broke his jaw in 3 places, broke 9 teeth and a few of those went through his lip - and to top it all off, on the way to the hospital, he and the friend who drove him were in an auto accident! it's a long road ahead of you - just move carefully and allow him time to recover at his own pace - It sounds like you have a good support system around with you (if you have friends who are willing to help a doctor set your leg, then you have true friendS!) if we can do anything at all, just ask.

love from Los Angeles,




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Both of you need big hugs (on a regular basis)! One for a speedy recovery and one for help and support in the process! I've been checking in on my brother weekly since November because of a broken and shattered ankle.....he is basically unable to accomplish much of anything other than moving between the couch and the wheelchair with an occasional visit to the bathroom and kitchen sink. We find out later this week if all is healing well or another surgery is needed.

Patience is the operative word and be sure to encourage following all medical directions for physical therapy---no matter how much pain!


PS In the process of healing and mending you will have much opportunity to knit.........and encourage him to find some handwork projects as well.........experience tells me the patient in this situation becomes quite bored.

Yes, good thoughts and prayers to you both! It is a long process and bones in the ankle do not like to mend quickly. Hope you will be able to find some good in all this....

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Best wishes to you and for BB for a complete recovery.

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I'm sorry to hear about BB and send my best wishes for a quick recovery and to you for all that you will be doing to help him over the next several months.


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Warm wishes to you and Best Beloved for a speedy recovery.