I love making these. I've made about six and they only take a couple of hours.

They are so easy but don't look it to most non knitters. People are so grateful and they are also great for covering my ever growing forehead when it gets a little cold in our shop!


That is wonderful. Now: What's the pattern? Do we buy it? Order it? Have to do unseemly things under an assumed name to acquire it? We need answers!
~Mike in Tampa
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Winter '06 Knitty pattern by Kathryn Schoendorf

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It looks very nice. I've been wanting a simple but nice looking hat pattern to experiment with, so add me to the list of people clamoring for answers.

Don't talk to me about "ever growing forehead," though. I finally gave up a year ago and just shaved the whole thing. I figured it was heading that way anyway...

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yeah, sorry I should have said exactly what the pattern was.

Knitty is brilliant for free patterns!

I made this one using rowan tapestry yarn and 4mm ebony lantern moon circulars.

They are designed for women with long hair who don't want to wear a big hat when their hair is up.


I knit


I knit

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Mmmmm. A little too babushka like for me.... I'd feel like a little old Jewish lady. "Oi! It was SUCH a SCHANDE! I should NEVER have served pupiklech at the bris. They were SO CHEWY!"

I'm SURE it looks SEXY on you, though....

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Looks great, Gerard, and thanks for posting the pattern details.