A great use for your spare stash!

I just read about an organization in Philadelphia called Interim House. It's a 6-month residential program for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. They started a knitting and crocheting program in 2004. You can check out some of their handiwork here:


Looks like they could use any yarn donations - even odds and ends.

I've contacted them to get an address for donations. I'll post it here once I receive it.



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Wonderful News ...

Thanks for the tip. I live in Philadelphia and didn't know this group exists. I'm sure I have yarn in my stash that I can drop off there.

- Tom

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Interim House Inc.
c/o Kathy Duffy
333 W Upsal St.
Philadelphia, PA 19119

I just did a major destash and sent them a big box full.

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