4 More Scarves for AIDS Delaware

I just finished knitting four more scarves for AIDS Delaware. I must of set a new personal record. Five scarves in five days (actually 4-1/2 days). I had made a commitment to myself to knit five scarves for AIDS Delaware and since it's getting warmer out, the push was on. Even though the scarves knitted up fairly quickly since I used either size US 15 or size US 17 needles, I have to admit, I've had some pretty long-houred knitting days these past days.

- Tom

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Great for you! I'm still on track at a hat a day for the month of February, but just catching up on X-mas gifts. Nothing as selfless as you. BRAVO!

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Oops, I lied ...

I just looked at the calendar. It took me six and a half days (not five) to knit the five scarves for AIDS Delaware. I knitted scarf # 1 on Feb. 15. I feel so cheap!

- Tom

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You're wonderful! In addition to setting a record you've done a great service. I got caught up in finishing a sweater for me and didn't get any more done for AIDS Delaware.

Knit on.........


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I've got to get song bigger needles and do some "little" projects!

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They look even better in person. I cannot wait until Monday to take them to the office.

Thanks again, Tom! I am soooooooooo jealous about how fast you got those done.