Tampa bound....

okay - the airport is in Tampa - I'm staying in clearwater and my Dad's b-day party is in North Redington beach - but that's probably more information then anyone wants to know.

So I most likely won't be around MWK until monday or tuesday.


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Welcome to Sunny Florida. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

Brent Troth  Raleigh, NC

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Yep, welcome to the sunshine state. You're landing very close to my house. I live about 30 miles East of the airport


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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have a safe trip - we'll miss you on here!





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well i made it in; we shipped for the big familly dinner tomorrow; went back to the airport and picked up three more relatives; having dinner at brother's conndo -- and hey ! my flight home got switched to a letaer one so I may even make the ren-faire on sunday! But getting up at 4 am to make the flight was a major pain.

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