I'm teaching myself to cable. This is a free Lion Brand pattern and I've found that the cable hook is difficult for my big fingers. I'm having better luck with the V-shaped cable needle. What does everyone else use?


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I like the "J" hook....I pick up with the short end...and knit off the long end...

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I prefer the "J" hook as well.


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I am just learning to cable, but I use a straight needle with a v-shaped indentation in the middle.

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I just use a short dpn. I have big hands, too, and the dpn gives me a little more to hold on to, and more control.


I'll stop after this row. Honest.

I use a wooden dpn a size or two smaller than my working needles. I started using it because I didn't have a cable needle at the time and I found it works just fine for me.


I like the J hook best because I have dropped stitches using the dpns and "v" hook. What a nice job on your first project! I made that scarf for a Christmas gift last year.

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I don't use a cable needle any longer. Here is the technique I now use and like more:

I really feel it's easier on the stitches. The key is to firmly hold the stitches while they are off the needle so that they don't turn or run.

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I agree with Jessie. Try to learn to cable without an extra needle and your life will be much easier.