long time no blog

Ok, I've kinda been gone for like forever. Been way too busy at work. Anyway, I"m mastering socks. Trouble with tension at first, I was much too loose, but now I have my tension problems solved. Also, learned toe up and I love it. I couldn't figure out the short row heel that stickywarp talked about till I had someone help me at the LYS, but after I got it done, its not bad at all. I have two toe up socks going. I did the short row heel on the 2nd today and I breezed thru it. Once you get the hang of it, you really don't even need to look at the patter again. I'm doing them on magic loop. While at the yarn store, I pulled on my one needle, and accidently pulled on the wrong one and pulled it out of all my loops. I screamed! Everyone was laughing hysterically and they took a picture of me. I don't look like my current picture. I have grown my hair out for the winter and I kinad look like a cross between Mike Brady and Willie Wonka. Margaret said she's send me a copy of me in distress and if so, I"ll post it on the page. Anyway, I haven't been abducted by aliens or anything, just really busy. That's all for now. Happy knitting!



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Hey stranger!
I can feel your pain about being busy at work.
Keep knitting!

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Everyone who does Magic Loops pulls the wrong end of the needle, pulling off a mass of stitches. Everyone does it at least once. In fact inn the instruction book when they warn against doing that, their comment is "ask me how I know." It's one of those things that keeps you from getting cocky about your knitting.

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Hey there! Nice to see you back on. Just finished my first pair of toe up socks out of a silk wool blend - very nice. The Best Beloved fell while we were ice skating last weekend and shattered both the tib and the fib 2 inches above the ankle - had to have a rod inserted. He's home now so I've spent the week WISHING I HAD MORE STASH. Unbelievable but true - not enough of anything to complete a project. Sigh.

Snow and freezing rain here today. Hope you guys have dug out from all your weather!

Take care,

Think less, enjoy it more.

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But you know, pulling out your needle off your work, even with straight needles (it does happen!) is not such a bad thing. This gives you the perfect excuse to learn how to put stitches back on a needle. You will have to do this many times in your chosen career:
a) putting stitches back on after ripping out several rows,
b) when "the cat" pulls out the needle when you aren't looking,
c) for adding knit-in pockets,
d) for returning stitches to needles after having had to use them on another project,
e) for knowing how to pick up that dropped stitch,
f) for picking up stitches after cutting off the ribbing, so you can add more length on too-short sleeves or body of sweater,
g) when you have to pick up stitches on the after-thought heel,
h) for continuing with the sleeve or sock after cutting out the section with the hole in it, and many more.
Oh, and of course, it's always useful when showing off to other knitters! hehehehe