Two Color Skinny Scarf

Hey guys!

I had an idea to knit a scarf that had stripes that ran the legnth of the scarf. I emailed Tom to ask if it were possible and he told me yes. He gave me a link to a project but it looked crocheted. So I kept searching and found something (can't remember the link) that confirmed what Tom said about knitting the scarf side ways. Then I found this scarf at Yarn Harlot and I knew I could do something.

I did not want to follow anyone elses pattern and I did not want a fringe or little tassles hanging from my scarf so I decided to make up my own pattern.

Earlier that day I went to AC Moore to purchase some t-shirts for another project. I was very happy to find that they were on sale and there was yarn on sale too! I was in heaven and I could not resist temptation. So I purchased some yarn (not on sale, just an excuse to get some yarn). I picked up a couple of skeins of Red Heart Light & Lofty and Red Heart Casual Cot'n.

Well 7 hours later I have a beautiful scarf to share with you gents. It is 3 knit rows one each end and a stockinette stich in the middle. The Light and lofty is on the ends and the casual cot'n in the middle. I started by CO a little over 120 sts on #17 !4" needles. It was scrunched on those needles but I am happy with the result, even though my hands are sore. And, I have no dropped stiches! The finished scarf is nearly 8' long!

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