Chat Box

Just wondering does anyone ever use it? Every time I look it says it's empty. Also I wonder who all the guests are each time I log on there are always a few. Do any join? Must do, that's how I joined!

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Hi Martin,

Have asked myself the same question.


Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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Whenever I have checked it out, it is not happening.  Have not seen any guests on it.

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How about scheduling a time to meet and chat?

Love to. I'm busy this w/e a friend in from England but one evening next week! Not Wednesday, my Booze & Yarn night!!!!

Knit away, knit away

"They say best men are moulded out of faults; and, for the most, become much more the better for being a little bad." William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure

Ok... here's a bump for the chat room on the site. This is actually the first time I've been in it where there are other people in there too! These guys are a hoot!

So... if you're logged in and see other people online too, jump in the chat room! Cool