Me in tears

Here I am in tears as the owner of the LYS helped me fix my pair of socks after I pulled out the needle. They all had quite a lot of fun laughing at me.



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Awww, he looks so sad!

Just remember our mottos: It goes in, it goes out, repeat as neccessary (the needles).

Anything knit once can be knit twice (or more).

PLEASE tell me you didn't actually freak out.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Yes, I did kinda freak! I haven't ever dropped that many stitches before. Like some of the comments said, that's a good time to learn how to pick em up again, but it was traumatic at the time, and I was a little dramatic!


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....a "LITTLE" dramatic???????

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Here's a little trick from a man who's dropped MANY a stitch. IF you have smaller needles than what you've been knitting your project on, use them to pick up the stitches. I keep 1's and 2's especially for this reason. Of course, people who knit fine sockS might already be using their smallest needles. The worst thing that can happen (unless you're knitting lace~in which you'd BETTER HAVE A LIFELINE) is that you slowly pull out just one row and pick up the stitches one by one as you pull the yarn out. Don't cry shop-boy, don't cry....

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Been there!!
Know what you mean about picking up stiches, I still freak about it to this day. Still have to resist ripping out the whole project and starting over. I have a sock still on the needles that has a saftypin in the stich that I dropped. I am saving it for my knitting teacher because the dropped stich is in a decrese and I don't think it can be saved. Time will tell