Introducing myself here. My name is Carlos and I'm from NJ. I started knitting on 1/30/06. So far, I've made two scarves and a hat. I'm currently working on a hat, this time for myself. So glad I found this community for men who knit. YAY!!!!

I don't really know what else to say right now, so I'm going to start reading forum topics and making friends, haha.

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Welcome to MWK! Two scarves and a hat in your first month knitting is doing pretty well. I don't think you'll be able to claim "novice" for long.

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Hey, MMario. Thanks. You know, a lot of people who've been seeing my progress are really impressed by it. One woman said she couldn't believe how quickly I was learning and how even the V's and ridges were. But, I can't take full credit: Debbie Stoller and are what taught me.

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Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy this online knitting community as much as I do. There are great guys here. Everyone's very willing to help and to learn.

- Tom

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Thanks, Tom. I'm excited to meet some male knitters. I've only met one male crocheter, and he's gonna teach me that later. So, this is very exciting for me.

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Welcome! This is really a great website - I hope you'll enjoy it.

Jonathan in DC

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Hello Carlos,

Welcome to MWK.