baby fair isle sweater pattern

does anyone know of a good baby sweater pattern (fair isle)that I might be able to use? I have looked online but I dont see anything exciting - the closest I got was some cardigan patterns using steeks (eek!)

I want to make a sweater for my new niece - she was just born - for a christmas gift this coming year - so I have enough time to work on it, and don't mind a complicated pattern -

just curious to see if anyone knew of any sites that had fair isle patterns that were cool - or of a good pattern somewhere that I could create my own fair isle pattern with - (some sort of formula that I could work with using graph paper to develop my fair isle patterns)




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Have you checked over the free patterns at DROPS?

Their baby selections are at:

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Here's a link that has lots of fair isles charts that you could adapt to any childs sweater pattern.

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Don't be afraid of steeks - they are your friends! Make a swatch, reinforce around the cut line and then just cut! It won't fall apart. Knitting only runs vertically; the horizontal reinforcement is just for peace of mind. I am just learning Fair Isle and the first thing I made was knit flat. I couldn't believe how unpleasant purling FI could be until I did it. The current project is knitted in the round and this morning I'm cutting the armholes. Knitting FI circularly was pleasant and much easier than flat. Give the cutting a go and once done, you'll wonder why you hadn't done it before!

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Yes, there are many good sites for patterns online, and for free. Keep watching some blogs of people that like to do FI. But once you have the principles, you can go and design your own. You are only limited by your imagination. In fact, go and design with your name in the pattern. That should be fun!

The other place to find pattern books is second-hand book stores. Although you may find that some of their prices are a bit high, not as high as retail. Of course, haunt your local thrift shops, and go there frequently. Not only books, but you will find yarn, and needles, but again, check them often as they don't get these supplies that regularly. It may take some time, but you will eventually find a lot of treasures.