Can you believe it? I'm fricking out of stash!!! Hours and hours of sitting around with the Best Beloved with his leg in a cast...catching up on our Netflix list...and only enough yarn for one project. I'm not sure how this came about. What self respecting knitting would let himself run out of stash? I feel like I should turn in my Knitter's ID card or something.

So my project this weekend is to create stash. I'm combing through eBay and trolling the net looking for good deals. I don't really have anything in mind, but I know I'd feel a lot better about the Best Beloved's expected six month recovery if I knew I could be knitting the entire time.

I'm open to suggestions: please guys, help me feed my addiction. I have a lot of time on my hands!

Jonathan in DC


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Go to the Goodwill store and look for sweaters you can take apart. It's much easier if you have a ball winder, by the way, but it's a great way to augment your stash. I often find great sweaters for a few dollars, in merino, cashmere, silk. Just look for clean sweaters that don't have a lot of wear. (Worn cuffs and collars are fine). It's easier to find fingering weight yarns than worsted and you don't always find a color you want, but you can knit yarns together to get whatever weight you want and if you find light colors you can overdye them.

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Wow, I'm still trying to get my head around "...out of stash..."
I can't imagine it.

My favorite online shop is Paradise Fibers. They always have mill end cones and great deals on yarns for knitting and weaving, as well as fiber for spinning. I bought a cone of Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn, enough for 3 pairs of socks I believe, and I don't think I paid over $12.

They also have EXCELLENT service! It's not unusual to get a handwritten thank you note scribbled on your packing slip. If I'm ever looking for yarn on-line, that's the first place I look simply because the service is so great.

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I'm in shock still hearing that anyone can be out of stash! That's crazy talk!

So go to all the second-hand and thrift shops you can find. They sometimes will have an odd collection of someone else's stash, and will be glad to let you take charge of it. No choice as to colour or fibre content, but it's still stash! You can also find some needles, book, patterns, and other essential equipment.

When looking for sweaters to salvage yarn, be sure that the seams are not serged. That is a sign that the material (knitted fabric) was cut out before being pieced together. You will end up with a lot of short ends! If it's at all felted, you will find taking the yarns apart more difficult. If there is any intarsia, don't even think about ripping those apart!

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Out of Stash???? I would have to knit, non-stop for over a year to be out of stash. And I'm talking 8 to 10 hour days of knitting.

The biggest source of my stash came from the Knitting Guild Yarn Auction. I come home with a box full every year. Also discounts on close outs, give me yarn at 60% off and I am grabbing skeins with both hands.

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I know, I know! I don't know how it minute I'm up to my ears in stash, next thing you know - BOOM, Bob's your uncle, and there's no yarn left!

Think less, enjoy it more.

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I'd also recommend looking at Knit Picks, see: I've used a number of their yarns. Good prices. Good yarns. Good service. Great way to build up your stash! Plus they have a close out section on their web site and some great free patterns. You can order sample cards of their yarns as well. I just ordered a couple of their Options circular needles so can't wait to try them. Of course, I also had to try a few more of their yarns -- I mean, since I was already placing an order, right?

Good luck in stashing.

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OUT OF STASH? That's just SICK! I second If you go to ebay, ALWAYS verify yarn content with the seller. I also always recommend mothproofing the yarn first: Stick in freezer for 3-4 days, and afterwards, making sure that there is no metal staples, zap it in the microwave for a minute. This will make sure that there is no viable moth eggs or larvae in it. Better safe than sorry.

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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Thanks! Yeah, I use Knitpicks a lot - in fact, the one project I have enough yarn for is using wool from knitpicks. Thanks for the heads up on de-mothing ebay yarn - I just one a bag of 10 skeins of wool. We'll see!


Think less, enjoy it more.