Knitting Clamps

Not too long ago, I saw an ad for knitting clamps in a magazine. I'm just finishing a sweater, and I hate using pins to keep pieces together while sewing. The advert showed these clamps were designed for holding knitted pieces together while assembling. After seeing the ad, I even visited the website, but didn't buy and forgot to bookmark, and I can't remember the name of the company. Google has been no help. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'd appreciate any tips.


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knitclips -- they're awesome!

everyone at my LYS uses them now (except the owner, but, hey, she's in her late 80's and doesn't accept change too well!)




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I saw some in Vogue knitting magazine yesterday. Don't know the issue number, but it is the latest to go on sale in Australia.

Hi. I have a set and have used them a few times, but always seem to go back to using pins. I guess it is a case of old dogs and new tricks.

From the packaging I can provide you with the following info:
Knit Klips
distributed by Kellly Klip Inc
132 Woodhaven Drive,
Sarver, PA

Good luck

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I found them. THANK YOU!

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I use clothes pegs/pins, the spring loaded ones, quite successfully. Much easier to hold them in your mouth than sewing pins!!

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Nothing to add on the knit clips, but I noticed your user name and had to leave a comment. So from one YarnGuy to another...::waves hello:: looking forward ot seeing posts of what you are making.


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Hey...another YarnGuy! I picked that name because I was able to get it as an e-mail address from my broadband company. I figured I'd use it as contact for the men's knitting group I'm trying to start in San Diego. Actually, I crochet, too, and want to open the group to both. Cheers.....G.

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I use little spring clamps they use to hold orchid stems to support poles (to keep them from breaking under the weight of the blossoms...) but hey, I'm in horticulture and they are available wholesale to me They work great, too.

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

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Whoops. I posted to the wrong spot here. On to a new entry..