Just need to vent!!!!!

Helloo....I should be knitting right now, but seeing as I am so frustrated right now I can't see straight, so I know if I pick up a pair of needles, not to mention a set of five dpn to knit a sock, I know I would have a real mess on my hands. Knitting usually relaxes me, but today I think I would find that it would just frustrate me even more. Thanks for listening, hope everone has a better day than I am having.
Happy knitting!!!
Barry...the Kilted knitter


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Knitting socks is restful? soothing? Maybe worsted weight...
When in doubt, I knit a worsted or bulky weight hat, as simple a pattern as can be. (Like Knitty.com "Half dome hat" regauged for worsted weight. I sit down with coffee and yarn, and hours later I get up wearing a fashionable chapeau. I wish you joy and peace!

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I find that stage of unrest to be the perfect time for stash enhancement.

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Thanks MMario and grandcarriage. I did try to knit today and I did create a mess. I dropped a couple of stiches and had to back up and catch them. I finally put down the sock and give it a rest for the day and have some tea.
Barry...The Kilted Knitter..yeas I knit i a kilt