Socks to large

I finished a pair of socks for my wife. They are in a 30% wool, 20% silk, 50% acrylic blend. My gauge must have been off - a little large for her. Any way to shrink?


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Being that it's 50% acrylic, which won't go anywhere, you might get some shrinking if you washed them. Depends on how large a little large is. Try putting them in the wash and see what you get. The worst that can happen is you ruin a pair of socks that are too loose for her.

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What causes shrinkage and felting is:
detergent (to remove oils and open up scales of wool)
abrasion or agitation
extremes of temperature. So going from a hot and cold washer to a popcorn hot-dry dryer will give you the best felting-shrinkage, but as yarnguy probably won't get too much.

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Tkx - guess I should do the swatch...but I hate all the little squares of yarn.

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Agreed that there is not enough wool in the yarn to make much change by trying to felt them (acrylic and silk won't felt). Felting also matts the fibres, and obscures any knitting texture and patterning you have done, making the fabric stiffer too. I don't think it is worth the effort.

Too big you say? Hm.... what size do you think they would fit? Maybe a man's foot? (hint, hint)

Now, what you can do is --- put them aside, and start knitting another pair! Make them a little smaller this time, since you now have done a gauge swatch and know FOR SURE how many stitches to cast on. And don't forget, you CAN do them toe-up, and ALWAYS get a perfect fit!