Hello man knitters!

I'm building a knitting tote that will carry all my stuff. I was thinking of inside and outside pockets. Any ideas?
The Man Knitter


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not sure how you're making the tote, but there's a great felted messenger bag on knitty.com that I have been working with - it's a great idea and good "basic" pattern idea that can be modified - you can add tons of pockets on the inside of the piece... I haven't been wild about the straps yet - I am working on a new one right now, and I'm thinking of using something like seatbelt strap or something for the strap - I haven't figured that part out yet (it's OK though - I need to buy more yarn for it... and lots of other knitting to do in the meantime)

Anyway, the felted bag idea can be very cool - and if you want to make it REALLY cool, you could somehow incorporate leather trim as banding or on the bottom of the piece, etc. I don't know how to work in leather, but I'm sure you could find a tailor or someone to add some cool embellishment on it

good luck - keep us posted on your progress!




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I have a big tote bag that I keep needle cases and supplies in...but I don't carry it around.
I make smaller bags just for individual projects.
...outside pockets need closures...
I like to keep everything for one project in it's own bag...so I can grab one and go...

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LOL...That's way beyond me. I buy the 99cent vinyl shopping tote with handles at Trader Joes and pile in whatever project (along with a suitable emergency hat project) I am working on. I have a little pencil bag for needles and notions.

My 2cents, and I'm paying....

I'm with Kyle on this one. I've made the messanger bag from Knitty.com and I like it a lot--except for the strap. Someday I will line the strap with some fabric to shore it up and make it a little more sturdy.


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i made the one from knitty and also re-made the strap. i used the technique from Hipster from knitty with the built-in I-cord and that worked wonderfully well! this is the blip from Hipster:

Row 1: K6, bring yarn between needles to front of work, sl rem 3 sts to right needle.
Repeat this row until belt measures 6 inches longer than High Hip Circumference (see Pattern Notes). The slipped sts at each edge of the belt will form a border similar to I-Cord, which will help prevent the belt from stretching.

you can do any number of stitches, this was based on 9, i stuck with 13 for the strap, maintaining the 3 slipped stitches.

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